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The Trump Bump - Is it time to put politics into your portfolio?

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The past has shown that political changes alter the volatility of a stock market.  The volatility and uncertainty can help or hinder your short-term and in some cases, long-term growth.  However, it is important to refrain from rhetoric and hype when building and maintaining your investment portfolio.  A portfolio that is well diversified by asset classes, geography and sector allocations can most certainly protect from the downside risks and enjoy the upside potential of geo-political changes.

The “Trump-Bump” we are currently experiencing can easily be wiped away or muted in the same amount of time it arrived.  Be sure to challenge your portfolio construction by seeing which investments reacted differently or similarly during this change in momentum.  This can help you see how exposed your portfolio is to such an influence.  If you are risk-averse, perhaps it would be time to use this test to help you diversify your portfolio to your risk tolerance.

Trading and investing are two different objectives when growing your assets.  Be sure to seek the advice of a professional if you are unsure or need assistance in building your wealth. 

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