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Spring in February?

Published by Jason Claringbold on Feb 19, 2017

Family day weekend in Southern Ontario has historically been filled with ski holidays, outdoor hockey games and justifying your Canada Goose jacket purchase.  However, this weekend seemed to have a different... Continue reading

The Trump Bump - Is it time to put politics into your portfolio?

Published by Jason Claringbold on Nov 14, 2016

The past has shown that political changes alter the volatility of a stock market.  The volatility and uncertainty can help or hinder your short-term and in some cases, long-term growth.  However, it is... Continue reading

The British are leaving, the British are leaving!

Published by Jason Claringbold on Jun 24, 2016

Paul Revere was best known throughout history as the rider for Boston’s Committee of Safety in 1775.  His devised system of lanterns to warn the minutemen of a British invasion was the warning John Hancock... Continue reading

Summer 2016

Published by Jason Claringbold on Jun 13, 2016

As we enjoy the great times of the summer season either on the dock, in a canoe or randomly “high-fiving” a stranger on a patio watching the Blue Jays hit another home run, the hot housing market conversation... Continue reading

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